Olympic Gold Medallist Jack Laugher Joins Gerry & Dave

It’s not everyday you get to meet an Olympic gold medallist. Let’s be honest, they’re pretty few & far between.

There are all those burning questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, like are 2 silver medals better than one gold? How much would you sell your medal for? And can you play a kazoo?!

…Is It Just Us, But Are Those Swimming Pants A Bit Low?!

Who Is Jack Laugher?

Jack is Britain’s most successful Olympic diver…pretty nifty, eh?! He won gold in the 3m synchro and bronze in the 3m springboard at the Rio games.

He also bagged a double Commonwealth Games champion for England at the 2014 Games in Glasgow. Not only that he was also the first British diver to win two medals at the 2015 World Championships…phew!


His Swimmy Pants Are EVEN Lower Here

Jack’s Confession

When Jack was on the podium busy being all proud ‘n that, they played The Commonwealth Anthem. However, Jack didn’t really know the words.

Don’t worry, it’s not like there were hundreds of cameras on him, broadcasting pictures of his mug all around the world.

…Oh, wait, that’s exactly what happened!

Come On Mate, You’re Just Being Silly Now

Jack’s Solution

Ahead of this year’s Commonwealth Games in Australia, a new version Jerusalem has been re- recorded by Britain’s Got Talent winner Tokio Myers and ‘The Voice’ star and Commonwealth athlete, Jazmin Sawyers.

It’ll be the Official Anthem of Commonwealth Games England 2018, with a modern twist on the iconic original track, encouraging Commonwealth fans across England to show their support for Team England.

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