OnePlus 6 revealed in London

The stunning OnePlus 6 pictured in Mirror Black. Photo credit – OnePlus

OnePlus 6 revealed in London

It charges in 30 minutes, can accommodate two sim cards, and has more RAM than the desktop computer that I’m using to write this article.

It’s the all new OnePlus 6, revealed at a glamorous launch event today in London.

Probably the most striking feature of the phone is the giant 6.28 inch all glass screen, with option for glass back as well.

There’s a quirky finger-print scanner on the rear of the phone, which leads to enhanced security and also allows for less clutter on the front.

Available in Mirror Black (pictured), Midnight Black and a funky Silk White, the device will go on sale on the 22nd May with prices starting at around $530 USD.

1,000 tickets were made available for members of the public to attend the lauch event, for the price of £30 each.

In return, as well as being the first consumers to see the OnePlus 6, attendees were given gift hampers and a voucher to spend on products.

Pop-up events around the world will now follow the London launch.

In the UK, it will only be available on a contract with the 02 network, or alternatively it can be purchased outright from the OnePlus official website.

Rupert Reid

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