Panda met Kevin Brown from GigRev

Has Internet killed the radio star?

Maybe not, but Kevin Brown, CEO of GigRev said it could make it more difficult for an artist to make a living wage.

Social media and Spotify, while accessible for fans, does not allow an artist to interact in a personable way with their fans—or earn an income (unless they have the star power and Spotify plays of Ed Sheeran.)

Brown’s solution? GigRev, a company that creates personalised apps for artists where their supporters can buy concert tickets in advance, watch videos of their idols recording their album, and access other exclusive content personally curated by the musicians—a digital replacement for the fan club community system pre-Internet age.

Artists are frequently deciding not to sign to a label nowadays, we found out from Brown. So their app acts as an alternate method for funding—because, let’s face it, musicians can’t feed themselves with Facebook likes and Spotify plays.

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Olivia Gehrke

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