Peppa Pig bags 34 billion Chinese views

According to my niece, aged three, I look like Peppa Pig. I’m not too sure if that’s a complement or not… Photo credit –


British animated children’s TV series Peppa Pig has been viewed in China a staggering 34 billion times.


That’s according to the company behind the hit series, which airs in 180 countries around the world, Entertainment One.

What makes Peppa Pig’s success in China all the more impressive is the fact that she was first available to Chinese viewers in 2015 – so those views have all occurred in the last two years.

Peppa is also proving to be successful on Chinese social media platforms, with a growing presence on Weibo and WeChat.

Speaking last year, after Peppa Pig had been released on three Chinese on demand services, Olivier Dumont, Managing Director of Entertainment One Family said: “We are thrilled to welcome our new broadcast partners for Peppa in China and we’re confident that these additional consumer touchpoints will significantly increase exposure for the brand as it continues to grow in popularity.”

”Building Peppa Pig’s digital footprint in the territory, through app downloads and social media channels, enables us to engage with audiences beyond the TV show and create the loyal fanbase that is key to its longevity.”

Rupert Reid

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