Pig Prejudice Is A Thing!

We love a good story at Panda Radio. Especially if it’s one that polarises people. So, imagine how pleased we were to open the paper to find this gem.

Fergus Howie runs Wicks Manor Farm, near Maldon, Essex. He’s an animal lover and pig enthusiast (yep, apparently that is a thing). He also cares passionately about fairness. As such he’s chucked a fly in the oinkment.

Our friend has swined and moaned to the Oxford English Dictionary to demand that derogatory terms like “pig-out” and “eat like a pig” are removed from the dictionary. He claims they are offensive to animals and this is a typical hamophobia.

He says that nasty pig terms only relate back to the 19th century so are a quite modern invention. Around that time people began branding our snouty friends as greedy and unclean. He goes on to point out that this is a porky pie and humans are actually more greedy:

‘Pigs are now 44% leaner than they were in the 1970s and within that same period of time the human has got fatter by 30%.’

In fairness to him, he’s asked around. The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board last week announced that pigs are today leaner than they have ever been. Sow, he’s got a point…but is this all a load of hogwash?

We don’t want to bore you, but we think balance is important. So, we did call up and ask to get a comment from his pigs. As of yet, the pigs have declined to talk to us.

Pig Phrases

As fat as a pig

Eat like a pig

As happy as a pig in muck

Bleeding like a stuck pig

Piggy bank

Piggy in the middle

Pigs might fly

Like a pigs bum


Are these that bad? Let us know what you think. Email us at Studio@PandaRadio.co.uk