Pineapple on pizza? & Monday’s fact file with Chris on Drivetime

On Yesterday’s Drivetime with Chris the hot topic of Pineapple on pizza (or not!) took off big time. Thanks for your tweets and keep them coming in @pandaradioUK. What other fruit would you top your pizza with? let us know. We also opened the fact file and looked at wacky weird facts from around the world. What animal produce’s cube shaped poo? What % of the world’s rivers and lakes put together account for 25% of the fresh water in the world? & what do bio-buses run on? Listen below to find out. On today’s show we’re talking about airline etiquette, the world’s oldest spider & how men hit their style prime when they hit 30 years old. Today’s survey: 84% of people who say they have tried to do this have failed. What is it? Join Chris from 3pm


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