Most popular wines in China revealed

China’s domestic wine industry is growing quickly and is gaining an excellent reputation overseas. Photo credit – Pixabay

Most popular wines in China revealed

The most popular imported wines in China come from France.

That’s according to the latest trade data, which shows that Chinese drinkers consume more wine from France than from any other country.

In second position in the rankings is Australia, with Chile in third place.

Interestingly, Italy has replaced Spain as the fourth most popular origin for imported wine in China, with the latter country slipping to fifth position.

China’s growing appetite for wine has seen imports increase. However, its domestic wine industry is also growing quickly and is gaining an excellent reputation overseas.

Last year, we reported that a British supermarket had announced that it would start placing Chinese red on its shelves.

‘Noble Dragon Red’ became available to customers of Sainsbury’s for a mid-market introductory price of GBP 8 per bottle.

The announcement marked the first time that a Chinese wine (in this case, made by Changyu, China’s oldest wine producer) was stocked by a major British retailer.

However, Sainsbury’s wasn’t the sole stockist of Chinese wines in the UK for long!

Just two months later, supermarket chain Tesco followed suit by offering Chateau Changyu Moser XV Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 for £10 a bottle.

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