Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Got Engaged. Chinese Social Media Reaction

Hi, Yao here.  Monday morning, what do we have ? Well, tadah! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Got Engaged ! Breaking news in the morning on all over British media as well as on Chinese media! Have a look …


Chinese entertainment news outlets announced the news as soon as it broke, pointing out Meghan Markle’s role in Suits, which is pretty popular in China.



Then the UK embassy in China gave their congratulations (4 emojis – they must be excited)


If this post is anything to go by, Prince George is also pretty stoked at the prospect of having a new auntie. An account in the name of the ‘Prince of Cambridge’ said: “Finally Uncle Harry won’t be a third wheel any more! He and Meghan can go to all the events with William and Kate!”


The excited emoji faces say it all in this post.


Once the news broke, news outlets and official accounts started reposting it all over the place.


And here are some comments about the wonderful news. People on weibo are very excited about the news and wish them a happy marriage .



Some people wonder what accent will the baby have ? (American Cockney?) Some people congrats Megan doesn’t have to be a ‘lawyer ‘ any more.  Some people feel a little bit sad of their prince is no longer available . Some people hope that their baby will have more hair.


Lin Lin: What accent is that baby going to have, hmm?

CharlesITH: American Cockney, ofc!

Shuo Yun: This means Suits is over then …

Enbryan111: Rachel doesn’t have to be a lawyer any more

Doc1: Does this mean the UK finally has something positive on the news?

Hello: It’s over, I don’t have a chance any more (with Prince Harry).


Anyway, congratulations to Prince Harry and Megan again. 

Yiyao Zheng

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