Progress in China / France beef talks

The news comes after a series of recent stories about European beef and China. Photo credit – Pixabay

Progress in China / France beef talks

French beef came a step closer to Chinese plates after officials inspected a number of processing sites.

France already has permission to export the meat to China, but before that process can begin, the French beef industry needs to satisfy inspectors that they can meet stringent Chinese safety standards.

The news comes after a series of recent stories about European beef and China.

Firstly, in April, we reported that Irish beef processing facilities have apparently been granted approval to export produce to China.

That report followed comments made by Irish Agriculture Minister Michael Creed.

The agreement makes Ireland the first European country to gain full access to the world’s fastest growing beef market.

It was also reported that five further Irish beef processing facilities were awaiting approval from Chinese authorities to commence trade.

Later in the same week, we revealed that Defra, the British government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, was hosting an important delegation from China.

A team from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine arrived in the UK on a nine day tour.

They inspected a variety of sites related to the United Kingdom’s beef industry, including abattoirs, processing plants, and BSE testing facilities.

Defra, along with key stakeholders in the beef industry, hoped that the visit would be an important step in China granting full export rights for British beef to be sold in the country.


Rupert Reid

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