Put the glow back in your cheeks

Winter: the season for long walks by the Southbank with a hot chocolate, Christmas celebrations and cosy nights spent in the pub. Whilst that’s all true, there’s one part of your body that feels particularly sensitive about the cold, harsh climate approaching the UK.

You guessed it – your skin.  

The abrupt change in weather will wreak havoc on our delicate faces. Abigail James, international facialist and wellbeing expert, has shared some tips on how to revive your skin this winter, and we’ve sourced the top products on the market, so you can start caring for your skin today. 

 1.Start with a good clean
James says: “Your skin will get dry and flaky in winter, we’ve all been there!”, said James. “You need to be exfoliating dry skin all year round however the skin needs to be treated before you exfoliate so as not to aggravate the problem area. Use cleansing milks, oils and balms. Tropical biotics are also really good as they help to support the skin PH levels. Finally introduce a little Omega oils to help restore your protective barrier.”

Electrogel Cleanser by LIXIRSKIN (NEW!)

Treat your skin with the new Electrogel Cleanser, a multi-purpose cleanser with charged electrogel to clean your pores, eliminate toxins and give you a daily re-boost. Can be used on your face, neck and décolleté. 
Price: £25.00


Suffering from inflamed skin? Try this probiotic oil with 100% botanical ingredients, designed to soothe and repair dehydrated skin. It’ll also deliver some of that much-needed omega 3,6 and 9.
Price: £62.00


2. Don’t forget about your lips
James says:
“We lick, eat and kiss with our lips, stretch the skin, often bite / chew it, smoke, drink – all of these factors will increase sensitivity and impact will cause the finer layers to chap. Lips are often the area of the face that suffers most in cold winter air. There are more nerve endings and the blood supply is rife.”

Perfecting Lib Balm by OMOROVICZA


Yes, it’s pricey but this balm will properly plump up your puckers. The product contains palmitoyl oligopeptide, which increases lip volume over time and virgin ente plum oil to hydrate, restore and revive. 
Price: £32.00


Not only is it good for your lips, but it smells divine with ginger, vanilla and cocoa butter ingredients. Also contains soothing calendula, to provide a protective natural barrier and seal in moisture. 
Price: £16.00

3. Slap on a serum
James says:
“A really common winter skin complaint is the development of combination skin. People often develop dry cheeks and an oily t-zone. I would recommend serums like hyaluronic acid, peptides and low-level retinol. All of these should be good for the whole face, you might just choose to apply less in certain areas.”

Pure Hyaluronic Serum by PESTLE & MORTAR

The ultimate multi-performing serum, it restores dull skin, targets fine lines and rehydrates. Enriched with vitamin E, and 100% free of animal derived raw materials and organic solvent remnants. 

Super Seed Facial Oil by VOTARY

Chia, green tea, pumpkin and pomegranate, the super seed oil is the beauty equivalent of a superfood. The fragrance free blend contains 21 natural plant oils for anti-irritation, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing. 
Price: £70.00

4.Dig deep and get the full treatment
James says: “Winter is the perfect time to get in on facial peels as you’re not going to be getting lots of sun.”

Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque by AESOP

If you can’t afford or simply don’t fancy a facial peel, this parsley and rosehip seed masque will do just as nicely. The clay will draw out deep facial impurities and and boost it with the botanical anti-oxidant extracts. Recommended use is twice a week.

Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask by KIEHL’S

We’ve never met a person who didn’t love Kiehl’s products. Made with Amazonian White Clay, the mask will draw out any impurities that you’ve picked up during the week and unclog your your pores. Also includes oatmeal and aloe vera to soothe your winter-weather exposed skin. 
Price: £24.00

Images courtesy of Liberty London 

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