Record numbers of Chinese visitors expected at Tattoo

Tickets to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo are now available in China via WeChat Pay. Photo credit – Rupert Reid

Record numbers of Chinese visitors expected at Tattoo

Preparations are underway for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2018.

You don’t have to take my word for it – I even took a picture to demonstrate the erection of stands for ticket holders.

Unfortunately, I’m not a very good photographer, so you’ll have to zoom in to the bottom right hand corner of the image above to see what I mean!

When the Tattoo commences on the 3rd August, it’s expected that a record number of Chinese fans will attend the event this year.

The news follows the signing of an agreement to sell tickets to the popular Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in China via WeChat Pay.

This agreement gives Chinese fans of the display the chance to access the live booking platform in Chinese for the first time.

There is even an ambition to host the Tattoo in China by 2020, such is the strength of the partnership and the enthusiasm of Chinese fans for the event.

As interest grows in China about Scottish culture, the opposite is also true about growing Scottish interest in China.

We recently reported  about efforts to teach Mandarin in Scottish schools. These have been hailed for the interest they have created amongst children to learn more about Chinese culture, history and language.

That story followed the news that, in May, Cross Arthurlie Primary School in East Renfrewshire (South East of Glasgow) became the first primary school in Scotland to open a Confucius Classroom – an educational space in which to learn about Chinese culture and language.

Rupert Reid

Pilot and Senior Broadcast Journalist at Panda Radio. You can find him on Twitter @rupertreid