A reflection on Acne S/S 14

Swedish fashion strikes again. The Acne brand shows off its S/S 14 collection, proving yet again why Acne remains that “cool friend you always wanted to have”.

The clothes differ strongly from the F/W collection, which seemed slightly over the top (yes, I hate saying it but we both know it’s true) and although certain elements remain, it is clear that designer Jonny Johansson is staying true to his Swedish roots this time. He channels the modern, exclusive yet simple feel which is at the top of Swedish fashion, all while emphasizing the importance of quality and material – something the Swedes are well-known for.

There was an array of stripes, navy, red and yellow – embrace the sailor look! – but whether it is the distinct use of denim and return to wearable clothing, or the Swedish poem “Till Havs”, performed by Swedish opera singer Jussi Bjorling, there is no denying the collection is a tribute to his home country.

The clothes also blendperfectly with Johansson’s new shoe designs. Hard-cut edges and a preference for leather and wooden materials, the shoes were a great attribute to his soft summer style – giving the clothes the extra edge they needed.
Oh, and my personal favorite? The striped suit.