Gerry & Dave Interview Robert Llewellyn

We love inviting guests back onto The Breakfast Show. And, we’re lucky to have had some absolute gems on the radio. Right up there among with the best is Robert Llewellyn.

Now, if you’re wondering who Robert Llewellyn is then you might know him by another name – Kryten. Ring any bells? What happens if we told you he was in Red Dwarf?

That’s right, he joined the cast of Red Dwarf in 1989 in series 3 and carried on all the way up to the most current series. You might not recognise him as he was under layers of make up. In fact, in the early days of Red Dwarf he would arrive to do makeup many hours before the rest of the actors; however, that changed as time progressed as his fellow actors “have a little bit more help in the makeup department than they used to”. 

Here’s a little fact for you Robert was also the only British cast member originally to participate in the American version of Red Dwarf, though other actors such as Craig Charles and Chris Barrie were also approached to reprise their roles.

However, he’s done other things. For example he presented Scrapheap Challenge, produced by Channel 4, the Discovery Channel’s How Do They Do It? He’s an enthusiast in recycling, eco-friendliness and electric cars. Which is in fact is where the conversation meandered.

Robert is a leading authority on and longtime supporter of electric vehicles, having had his own battery powered car for eight years.  So passionate is he about the subject of sustainable transport that he produces Fully Charged – a YouTube channel focusing on electric vehicles and renewable energy – and even chose electric vehicles as his specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind.

Smart technology is set to pave the way to a more sustainable way of living with almost half of people saying they would be more likely to buy an electric vehicle if they can access a smart energy service made possible through a smart meter or have a smart connected appliance, such as a smart thermostat.

So, there was plenty to talk about and a lot to ask.

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