Scottish beer growing in China

Innis and Gunn is one of the most popular British beers overseas. Photo credit – Innis and Gunn


A craft Scottish beer brand has unveiled ambitious expansion plans for China.


The news from Innis and Gunn, which is already one of the most popular British beers overseas, comes just months after we reported that the brewery had reached a distribution agreement for the Chinese market.

Under the agreement, Dxcel International now offer a range of Innis and Gunn beers for sale in China.

Speaking to Scottish newspaper The Herald, Innis and Gunn co-founder Dougal Sharp revealed that the company now hopes to build on sales in Beijing and Shanghai by launching in more Chinese cities.

He told the Herald that early signs are promising:

”China is obviously an enormous place, but the early signs are that the Innis & Gunn brand is being very well received. People love the taste, and there is a craft beer revolution happening in the cities. It could become a very big market.”

Innis and Gunn has a very quirky history. Founded as recently as 2003, it was originally intended that the beer would be brewed with the simple purpose of flavouring casks for whisky.

Indeed, the original plan was to dispose of the beer once that process was complete.

In the end, the beer ended up tasting brilliant (in our opinion!) and Innis and Gunn has rapidly grown to become on of the UK’s most celebrated beers.

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