Are you a serial returner? what does that phrase even mean?

Are you a serial returner? what does that phrase even mean?

How annoying and time consuming is it to try clothes & shoes on in the high street?

You start out thinking “right, I’m going to get some new shoes and some jeans today” and then you get to the shops and you spend hours trying stuff on usually with your partner huffing and puffing and waiting. Do you still prefer to do this or buy online hoping for the best?

New research reveals that Brits are returning almost half of all clothes purchased online with a third of shoppers admitting they buy online items knowing that they will return them before they’ve even tried them on.

Free return policies are encouraging almost half of shoppers to buy items online and then try them on at home, ridding themselves of the hassle of making the journey into town and using the in store changing rooms.

This growing trend is creating a “phantom economy” which is leading to £7 billion worth of lost revenue for retailers each year. The survey by Barclaycard reveals that a quarter (26%) of retail businesses have seen an increase in returns over the last two years.

Naomi Isted came in for a chat yesterday on Drivetime with Chris. In case you didn’t know….Naomi is a stylist, TV Presenter & blogger, and she has top tips on returns and loads of other fashion tips.


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