Shoreditch venue opens Rascals because ballers want to dine, too

Ballie Ballerson, the adult ball pit in Shoreditch, has opened a restaurant next door to its funhouse. Because, throwing balls at your colleagues and friends is quite the workout and it stands to reason that you might feel a bit peckish afterwards.
Rascals is the name, pink is the game. The venue is what millennials have dubbed “instagrammable”, with fluorescent pink lighting, blush rose leather alcoves and plenty of greenery. And, a flamingo or two, ’cause this is Shoreditch.

The food menu is just as inventive as the interior. Have you ever tried a cheeseburger spring roll before? It sounds absolutely disgusting, but it works oh so well. Say goodbye to your local kebab, there’s a new hangover treat in town  – or at least until Rascals decide to roll and deep-fry kebabs, too. The rest of the menu is fairly basic but tasty nonetheless. Choose from classics like tempura squid and mushroom risotto or try one of Rascal’s unique dishes, like our favourite – the Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Rascals also has a fully waterproof dining room. That’s right: grab your water pistols and have at it. Or, if you prefer you can also have a jelly war.

There a gunge chair, a wheel of misfortune and Rascals scratch cards too. If you’re lucky, you’ll win a #PieFace a.k.a covered in creamy, white pie. Sorry, we can’t make it sound any less filthy…