Skilful Chinese barber uses red hot tongs to cut hair

Hello, Yao here. When it comes to creating stylish hair design,  a hairdresser in China is quite ‘hot stuff.’ He is one of the last remaining traditional barber using ‘Dahuojia ( ???)’ hairdressing. The barber uses red hot metal clamps to burn hair off rather than cut it.  The clamps are used like a pair of scissors to cut hair to the desired length or can even be used to create a perm which can last very long time. 




This traditional method of cutting hair was widespread in China  until it went out of fashion in the 1980s. To be honest, I have never seen this technique when i was a child. It’s a very old technique. My mum saw her neighbour using clamp to curl lady hair once when she was young. 


Hairdresser Mr Weibu, who is 73 years old says “it’s not just a shortage of the hairdressing technique, the customers are also not interested in it anymore. Mainly older people that come to my shop nowadays”.


To keep them up to temperature, the clamps are kept scolding hot in a burning fire and then briefly dipped in cool water before the styling begins.The hairstyle can keep the same shape about three months, it’s better than hair mousse. 



So, would you like to try it? However?it has a drawback, the smell of burning hair…

Yiyao Zheng

Yao is a lipstick lover. A Chinese girl living in a vintage dream, some would say she was born in the wrong decade. Broadcast Journalist for Panda Radio You can find her on Twitter @yzhen002

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