Spanish fruit opportunities in China

The Spanish fruit industry has identified a ‘big opportunity’ in China. Photo credit – Pixabay

Spanish fruit opportunities in China

China’s increasing demand for quality fresh produce, alongside potential restrictions on the import of US fruit in the wake of President Donald Trump’s ‘trade war,’ haven’t gone unnoticed in Spain.

There, the fruit industry has organised a promotional tour of China for citrus producers, with the aim of increasing exports to the key market.

That’s according to specialist publication Fruitnet, who report that the initiative was led by an organisation from Malaga called Fruitconsulting.

Oliver Huesmann from Fruitconsulting told the publication:

”This is a big opportunity for Spain. Chinese importers are more open than ever to new options.”

Spain isn’t the only country to have marketed its fruit heavily in China recently.

In December, we reported that Australian stonefruit growers are preparing for seasonal exports to China after the signing of a protocol.

The agreement permitted the export from Australia of the fruits to China, which has already commenced.

John Moore from Summer Fruit Australia greeted the news: ”This agreement is great news for Australia and China, it also recognises Australia’s Pest Free Areas such as Tasmania and Renmark.”

Rupert Reid

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