Spotlight On: Cudoni

Photo credit: Cudoni founder James Harford-Tyrer & company muse Countess Antonella Cudone

Each month, we’ll be chatting to an influencer from a new or established fashion company for a five minute spotlight on what’s on their radar. This month, it’s all about recommerce, a.k.a fashion resale.
If you’ve got piles of fashion taking up precious space in your wardrobe and hate the hassle of uploading endless photos and images on sales sites, you’re going to love Cudoni –  the new kid on the recommerce block. The company will officially launch on Monday next week and boast about being able to achieve 30% higher sales values for your fashion than you could get on your own.
We’ve sat down with James Harford-Tyrer, the brand’s 25-year-old entrepreneur and founder, to talk about why people love to sell their stuff.
James, tell us about Cudoni – why did you start the brand?
At a young age, I discovered that busy people have better things to do with their time than to sit online all day trying to sell their preloved luxury items. It was clear that high-end fashion is particularly difficult to resell due to buyer concerns around authenticity and condition, and consequently, a lot more time and effort goes into the selling process. Even when these items are sold, there are typically done so at a far lower price than they are actually worth. To address this problem, we set up Cudoni; a luxury fashion resale service and community. Not only do we earn our sellers more money, we completely take the hassle out of the entire selling process for them.
How is Cudoni different from other resale sites, such as Vestiaire Collective or community apps like Depop?
Unlike other services, our sole focus is on you, the seller. Cudoni was created for people with the busiest of lifestyles: we’re the easiest, most personal and most private way to sell. Listing luxury fashion with us takes a matter of seconds and our fashion experts will do all the work for you; from collection – at a time convenient for you – through to securing higher earnings for you. 
Why do you think people are so obsessed with selling their preloved fashion?
It’s definitely a growing trend – and it makes sense. Detoxing your wardrobe from time-to-time allows the purchases of next season’s staples to be a little more guilt-free. We’re also living in an era where living space can be very expensive, so why shouldn’t we make the most of it and get rid of items we no longer desire?
What kind of items do people send to you? Is there a particular brand that keeps popping up?
We get everything from clothing, shoes and handbags to luggage, watches and even diaries. There’s a lot of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and Prada, but we’re going through a Loro Piana patch at the moment. We’ve got a growing Italian following in London who love their native fashion!

What about you – what’s your in your wardrobe?
I tend to switch between suited and booted or the smart-casual jeans, shirt and jumper look. My staple item is a watch my mother gave me when I graduated from university…it has too much sentimental value for me to replace it!