Spring time is ‘Strawberry’ Time

Hello, Yao here! It’s spring again, which means……..one of the famous music festival in China – Strawberry Music Festival!

Founded by Modernsky Records in 2009, the Strawberry Music Festival will take place in different cities in China from April to October.

Let’s have a look some highlights of Hang Zhou Strawberry Music Festival  :

UK Highlight:

The Slow Readers Club – ‘read’ cool music

Besides the UK band Yuck, there is another UK band coming to Hang Zhou, China.  The Slow Readers Club are a Manchester based band who specialise in indie electro doom pop. They had played 3 sold out headline shows at o2 Ritz Manchester, Whelans Dublin and Oslo Hackney. The band supported James on the ‘Girl at the End of the World’ tour .

The band’s single ‘Lunatic’ was a big hit. And the new single ‘You opened up my heart’ just amazing.

Fans in China, are you ready ? ! ( Well, I’m very excited!)


China Highlights:

Supermarket – the founder of the Chinese electronic rock music

The band is the founder of Chinese electronic music with rock and roll.

Supermarket is China’s first truly electronic band, and its debut album released in 1998 is widely regarded as the first of its kind in mainland China. In December 2003, as the only representative band in east Asia, the band went to France to participate in the famous trans musicals music festival. The band has released several albums in the past decade, all of which have maintained a consistent high standard and are still the best electronic music group in China.

In 2013, Supermarkets returned to music fans’ field of vision and invited visual artists to join the team to create a more in-depth exploration of live expression. The band released new album ‘Democracy and Science’ at the end of last year.

Record Label: Modernsky


Re-TROS (Also Known as ‘ Re-building The Rights of Statues ’) – worldwide reputation

Founded in March 2003, the band Re-building The Rights of Statues was deeply influenced by post – 70s punk bands such as Bauhaus, joy division and gang of four. It is one of the most representative rock bands in China.

Lead singer/guitar/keys Hua Dong had just returned from studying abroad in Germany and was drumming for seminal Chinese post-punk band P.K.14 when he formed the band with bassist Liu Min, now his wife. Soon, the couple moved to Beijing, enrolled local drummer Ma Hui, and began playing out in Beijing clubs.

In 2005 the band signed up for Modernsky Record and released its first EP Cut Off! “, after the classic punk style and strong impact of live performance quickly conquered a large number of fans. In 2009, they released the album Watch Out!

After having a debut show in London, the band gained massive international reputation as warm up band for Depeche Mode and Q music magazine wrote a feature for them.

The band released single ‘AT MOSP HERE’, collaborated with the UK band Fujiya & Miyagi , which is famous for songs like ‘Uh’ from ‘Breaking Bad’  soundtrack.


Long Shen Dao –  The first reggae band in China

The new Chinese reggae band ” Long Shen Dao” was founded in 2007 and given the title of ” China’s first reggae band” by the media and fans. Band members try to use the oriental philosophy of things cognitive interpretation of contemporary music, with highly recognized Chinese mother tongue singing with classical Chinese instruments, and based on reggae music, and rock, electronics, drum & bass, ska, dub and other music style integration, create a unique modern Chinese reggae voice.

Long Shen Dao has conducted music and cultural exchange activities in New Zealand, Canada, south Korea and other countries on behalf of the new music of China.

Wish you have a wonderful ‘Strawberry’ time!

Yiyao Zheng

Yao is a lipstick lover. A Chinese girl living in a vintage dream, some would say she was born in the wrong decade. Broadcast Journalist for Panda Radio You can find her on Twitter @yzhen002