Stabbing in Northern China leaves 7 students dead and dozens injured

According to local authorities, Seven students were killed and 19 were injured in a stabbing attack outside of a school in Shaanxi, Northern China.

A statement posted on the Weibo account of Mizhi County’s publicity office said: “At 18:10 local time [12:37 GMT] on April 27, a suspect attacked students leaving the No. 3 middle school in Mizhi County [in Shaanxi province], hurting 19 students, with 7 of them dead from the injuries. The suspect is in custody. The injured students are being treated,”

Chinese social media said that the attacker was believed to be a middle aged man. All the injured children have been sent to hospital.

Shanghai-based Jiemian News reported that the attacker is a local resident, who dropped out of the same school he attacked and is still under the age of 18,


Police have made a follow-up statement after a knife attack outside a school in northern China on Friday that killed 9 students and left 10 others injured.
Mizhi County’s People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of a suspect surnamed Zhao on Saturday.
The suspect attacked 19 people with a dagger in an alleyway 150 metres east of the No.3 Middle School in Mizhi County, Shaanxi Province, according to a police statement made on Saturday. The victims were all students making their way home from the school. Police detained the suspect at the scene.

Reports on Friday said that 7 people died at the scene. Of the 12 others injured at the scene, 2 have died, 2 remain in a critical but stable condition in hospital while 8 are recovering from their injuries.

According to BBC News, Mr Zhao is a 28-year-old man who was a former student at the school. Police report that he was bullied during his time at the school, leading him to hold grudges against students.
Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man dressed in black holding a 30cm-long knife in alleyway leading downhill away from the school, who attacked students as they made their way home. The narrow alleyway, only a few metres wide, made it difficult for students to escape, witnesses said.
10 students who survived the attack are still being treated in local hospitals.
Photos on social media showed crowds of people lining up to donate blood on Friday evening in the city of Yulin near Mizhi, after local authorities issued an urgent appeal on Weibo for AB-type blood.
Additional Reporting by Catherine Jessup

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