Stormzy: Oxford University denies rejecting grime star’s scholarship for black students

The British grime artist claims the university turned down his scholarship idea, which was then taken up by the University of Cambridge.

Oxford said it had spoken with Stormzy’s management and clarified it is keen to work with him “on inspiring more young people to study” at the university.

In a statement on Twitter, Oxford said: “We have not received or turned down a proposal for student support from Stormzy and have been speaking to his team this morning to establish what happened.

“We recognise the importance of Stormzy’s support and share his ambition in encouraging more black students to take up university education.”

There has been no public response to Oxford’s denial from Stormzy.

The 25-year-old musician was speaking at an event for his new publishing platform #Merky Books when he reportedly said he approached Oxford about his scholarship offer but was rejected.

Stormy announced the scheme earlier this year on A-level results day at his old school, Harris City Academy, in Croydon, south London.

It aims to encourage the admission of more black students to top universities, after none got into some Cambridge University colleges between 2012 and 2016.

Two Cambridge students this year and two next year will have their fees paid for by the scholarship.

Announcing his scholarship, Stormzy said: “If you’re academically brilliant, don’t think because you come from a certain community that studying at one of the highest education institutions in the world isn’t possible.

“I was always reminded by my teachers that I was destined, if I wanted, to go down that road and study at one of the top universities.”


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