The Queen Visits Panda Radio

We’re lucky, at Panda Radio, to be able to interview some of the best celebs around. However, everyone now and then a very special interview comes their way. It’s fair to say The Queen was a pretty special guest to have on the show.

Why was she in the studio? To explain the planning permission debacle she’s in. Confused? You’re not the only one.

The Queen tried to improve her green credentials. That’s nice, you might think. However, she’s been stopped.

There are worries the plans are too noisy for red squirrels. The Queen’s people wanted to create a two-megawatt turbine that would harness the power of the River Muick and generate electricity worth up to £650,000 a year.

But other people have chipped in saying the project would be too noisy for wildlife in the area, including badgers, red squirrels and otters.

Gerry & Dave got Her Majesty into the studio in order to explain more

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