Things got spooky at Panda HQ…

Figures out this week, have revealed that horror fiction sales are at a four-year high after a year of successful horror TV series’ and films that have proved a hit amongst fans of the genres. Industry figures showed horror and ghost books were extremely popular, totalling £4.2m in value.

Many film critics are even suggesting that horror films are having a renaissance like never before. In fact the eighties came out as the best voted decade for horror. So what films are scaring Brits the most? The Mummy and The Exorcist were voted the scariest films, The Mummy seems to be a surprising one with all its comedic elements, why not tweet us your favourite horror film to @pandaradiouk, here’s some of the panda teams fave one’s:

Intern Joe– The Conjouring

East Meets West’s Catherine – Old Boy

Breakfast Boy Gerry – Insidious

Big Boss Mark – American Warewolf

Sarah Lamptey’s London – The Ring

Superstar DJ Chris Makey – The Exorcist

The Day Show’s Kavita – Shaun Of The Dead

Being the experts in the horror genre, Universal creative have tapped into this current trend with horrors of the 80’s invading this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. After 30 years of mayhem, Chucky is back creating chaos. He will be found on the streets of Universal Studios Florida, in a brand new scare zone – Revenge of Chucky (This panda is already terrified, but still wants to go visit).

Kavita was joined by Michael Aiello, who is the Senior Director of Entertainment Creative Development for Universal’s Entertainment Division to talk all things horror:

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