This Weeks Weird News

Cat Napping

We all like a nap. Who doesn’t?! But forgetting kipping in front of the TV, has taken it to a whole new level

Lauerman frequents a cage-free sanctuary in Green Bay Winsconsin. It’s a rescue centre for disabled cats that would be at risk of euthanasia at other facilities.

Good ol’ Terry will pop in every single day and stays for about three hours.

So far this sound like a bit of an eccentric character quirk. However, it gets even weirder.

According to Elizabeth Feldhausen, the founder of the pet sanctuary, Terry strolled into the shelter six months ago  in and started brushing! He never asked to be a volunteer he just cracked straight on!

Eventually they told him he was an official volunteer and had him fill out our volunteer form. Now he goes in grooms a cat for a bit, he typically dozes off.

The sanctuary decided to dedicate a Facebook post to him on Tuesday. 2 days later the post has received over 1.6 million on Facebook. It also made its way over to Reddit, where it has received hundreds of comments and loads of donations.

So, it’s a weird story, with a good ending.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

Try to read this with a straight face.

Having an unfortunately name is annoying. Ask Ben Dover or Sam Sung. However, imagine if your name was.

Stop laughing!

Poor old Luc Anus is standing as a council candidate in South Belgium. But when someone posted a photo of his election poster online things went wrong.

You can imagine the reaction he got. Let’s just say he was the butt of many jokes.

He is now listed as ‘Luc Anu’ on the social media site, with Luc telling local reporters: ‘Facebook just does not accept my name’.

The only thing worse than not being accepted is being made fun of – poor old Luc


Cause For Celebration

OK, it’s probably too soon to start talking about Christmas. But, wait, we’re talking about the fun stuff.

There’s nothing like curling up in front of the TV with some chocolates. In particular the king of confectionary was Celebrations

We all remember the day that they removed the Galaxy truffles from the their selections – it was a dark day for all.

In fact, someone feels so shortchanged to this day that they’ve actually set up an online petition to bring them back.

Their aim is to get 10, 000 people to sign the petition…so far they’ve got just over 600.

There might be a way to go, but we salute you. Let’s make Celebrations great again.