This Weeks Weird News

We all need a bit of a laugh in our lives. And, we are always the ones to give it. So, our Panda Pals clubbed together to collect some of the weirdest, whackiest and wonderful news stories that might have slipped your notice to give you a five minute break from what you’re doing, to oggle the weird. Come be intrigued with us.

Something Fishy’s Going On

Full scale scam

A store in Kuwait has reportedly been shut down after someone thought somefin fishy was going on. It was discovered that its owners were sticking googly eyes on fish in an attempt to make them appear fresher.

If you think it would’ve looked stupid…you’re absolutely right. The livestock looked like extras from Bodger & Badger and successfully fooled no one. It did give us a reel laugh though (and, yes, you bait fish puns are intentional).

A video of the fish was first circulated among local WhatsApp users. It was then released by the local newspaper Al Bayan. According to Al Bayan, the Kuwaiti ministry of commerce has shut down the shop after realising what the fishmongers were up to.

It’s odd how genius and madness can sometimes be so close.

Crop A Load Of This

Varun Bhanot, 28, told his girlfriend Anisha Seth, 28, that they would be going up in a helicopter to celebrate his birthday. A pretty standard birthday you might be thinking? Well, this is where it gets weird. Bhanot had spent nearly three months calling farmers asking if they would let him to a super massive crop circle on their land. Obviously most told him to bugger off, but he’s a persistent chap and carried on going. Eventually he found someone willing.


So, up they popped in the helicopter. Varun began to make a mid-air speech to his girlfriend of four years and told her to look out of the window. Anisha had no idea that at 200ft there was a message for her in a cornfield – saying ‘Anisha, marry me?’. When she turned back round, there he was brandishing a shiny engagement ring.

Granted it’d have been proper funny if she said ‘no’, but that’d make for one awkward ride back home. As it happens she didn’t say ‘no’ she said a big fat ‘yes’.

Young At Heart…And Body

91 is an impressive age. But, it is a frankly staggering age for a gymnast.

Yet, it’s just the norm for Johanna Quaas. She first fell in love with gymnastics at school, where she was often seen climbing up and down 5m bars with ease and rolling on the mats doing stunts. When she was 10, she took part in her first competition and was hooked.

But in 1982 when, at the age of 57, she met two old friends who were fellow gymnasts and the trio decided to try training and competing professionally again. One was five years older than her and the other four years younger.

Since then she’s gone on to get the Guinness World Record for “oldest gymnast”. All we can say is fair play.


Video via New York Post