Treat yourself, the experts tell Mums how to get the most out of the Black Friday sales

When the sales come around, it is all too easy to think of everyone but yourself. Along with our friends at Voucherbox we want to encourage you to indulge in some me time when Black Friday comes around on 24thNovember. From sizable discounts at top retailers such as Look Fantastic for all your beauty goods and ASOS for your fashion fixes, this money saving site has online sales shopping covered with these top tips.

Get organised: Set up online accounts ahead of the big day

Get Black Friday ready by signing up for online accounts with all the retailers you might want to shop at. If you’re serious about bagging a bargain on the 24th then you should store your personal details so you can get online fast without wasting precious time. It’s dog-eat-dog out there!

Surf safely: Use a credit, not debit, card to pay

The safest way to spend is by making use of your credit card to do your deals. This way, your bank will end up footing the bill – rather than you – if the transaction goes wrong. Also, if you make a hasty purchase on a site which isn’t totally legit then your bank will back you, whereas it is harder to do so when you pay on a debit card. Voucherbox has some nice tips on how to stay safe online if you’re looking for more info! 

Forward thinking: Have a shopping list

Whether it is a Jo Malone diffuser you are going to indulge in or a new coat from Reiss, it is always good to have shopping list written up before you get carried away online. That way you can make sure you have first dibs at the sales on the items you really want rather than coming away with excess goods and overspending.

Save even more: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday provides another opportunity for you to save the pennies ad look after the pounds. As the name suggests, this day allows you to get the latest tech at the lowest prices. Think of it as the finale to Black Friday

Treat yourself…

And last but not least, treat yourself! Mum’s don’t get enough credit, so if you really want it and you can afford it, click buy!


Happy shopping!

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