Trump’s policies ‘crushing’ California wine trade

Farmers in the USA are increasingly concerned that President Donald Trump’s ‘trade war’ against China. Photo credit – Pixabay

Trump’s policies ‘crushing’ California wine trade

Currently, some five percent of US wine is exported to China.

Although that might sound like a relatively small percentage, concerns over tariffs in the wake of Donald Trump’s ‘trade war’ against China are nevertheless causing headaches in the US wine industry.

That’s according to BBC News, who report that the industry is ‘crushed’ over the tariffs, with thousands of bottles destined for China already now left in storage.

The news comes just a week after we reported that other farmers in the USA are concerned, following an article in British newspaper The Telegraph, who have reported on worries amongst the huge US soybean farming industry.

The newspaper spoke to soybean farmers who currently export one third of their produce to China, and fear that trade restrictions will have a huge impact on their business.

Author Nick Allen commented that the situation ‘hangs like a sword of Damocles over Iowa’ (a state with an enormous farming industry.)

China is the world’s largest consumer of soybeans, purchasing around two thirds of the global supply. Of these, a significant number come from the USA

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