UK and China universities take top spots on Times Higher Education’s ranking lists

The Times Higher Education published their rankings of the world’s top 1000 universities yesterday, with Oxford and Cambridge taking the top two spots on the global list.



Rankings for top Chinese universities have also been rapidly climbing year on year. China’s Peking University and Tsinghua University took the top spots on THE’s list of universities in BRICS and Emerging Economies, as well as placing in the top 30 universities in the world overall. 


Students looking at the lists can see how universities measure up on specific factors, such as the teaching environment and the proportion of international students and staff on campus.


“We look at 13 different performance metrics, so we’re really trying to get a look at the university right across its mission,” explained Phil Baty, THE’s Editorial Director for Global Rankings, in an interview with SINO radio.




“For example, we have 5 metrics looking at the teaching environment, which is very important to students making those decisions. We look at research excellence, international links, the university’s relationship with industry … it’s very comprehensive and wide-ranging.”


This isn’t just great news for the UK at home, but internationally as well, he explained. “The UK attracts more international students than any other nation except the US.”


“Students from China, India, Nigeria and other countries all over the world are flocking to the UK. They respect British higher education and love our universities.”


“It’s really important to the country that our universities keep attracting global talent and educating the world.”


The full list of rankings and university profiles is available at

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