This Unbelievable Video Will Leave You Feeling Nauseous

OK, so you thought the snow last week was bad! Yes there were traffic jams, school closures and mayhem. In fact, there were even a few people who had to stay overnight on a train. Now, we’re not saying that wasn’t bad. What we are saying though is that none of that compares to this.

26-year-old Zhang Dongdong had to clear snow off one of the world’s most deadliest trails…OK, you might not be that interested yet, but wait until you hear more.

He was on a 30 millimetre wide cliffside path 700 METRES UP AT THE TIME! This is not for the faint hearted. The trail itself is 100 metres long.

The mountain, know as Huashan in Chinese, is considered to be one of China’s five sacred mountains. It went viral on Chinese social media…and for good reason, just take a look.

About 12 people every year die after falling from the cliff face according to China News Service.

Yet, if none of this puts you off and you brave enough to apply then there’s one final catch. The application process is notoriously tough. According to Ji Junfeng, manager of the Mount Hua scenic area, you have to meet a number of specific requirements. Firstly, all those over the age of 30 are automatically discounted. Furthermore, high blood pressure, heart disease and acrophobia will prevent an applicant from doing this kind of work.

Gerry & Dave tried to get their heads around this mind-boggling topic on The Breakfast Show


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