Virginia man gets confused with department store John Lewis

If you’ve ever had a bad experience at John Lewis, chances are you’ve taken it to Twitter. But have you checked who you’re tweeting at?

For years, angry UK customers have been sending horror stories of their department store mishaps to a computer science professor at Virginia Tech. His name is – you guessed it – John Lewis.

The father of four has been responding to, and enduring, Twitter users with clever remarks while also fielding praise for the store’s annual Christmas adverts, since he set up his Twitter account in 2007.

Today, Lewis posted a photo of his gift from the U.K. department store, which was probably an apology for the Twitter handle mix-up and years of unwarranted harassment online.

When asked about his opinion of John Lewis’ 2017 Christmas advert, he wrote that he is fully behind Moz The Monster who is “not only fun, he’s funny!

But some Twitter users don’t seem to get the joke.


Next time you receive the wrong pair of shoes from your local John Lewis, make sure you tweet @johnlewisretail. Otherwise, your complaints will land across the pond and the only thing you’ll get this Christmas is a cheeky reply from an American abroad.

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