Want To Know How To Save Over £4.5 Million?

No one has ever got enough money. It’s the one thing that you could always do with more of. Especially if you are saving.

It’s getting harder and harder to get on the property ladder in The UK.

Are you scrimping together to try and buy your first property? Maybe you’re despairing at how impossible it seems to buy? Then, take comfort in one thing – you are not the only one.

New statistics have show the shocking North/South divide when it comes to property. So, we decided to compare the 2.

Most Expensive Places To Buy In The UK

Average sale price of property: £1,420,792

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Average sale price of property: £1,105,523

You might know it for the service station on the M40, but you’ll know also know it for being pretty pricy. Perhaps the price tag is because it is on the edge of the Chiltern Hills Area which is proper nice.

It might also be because Beaconsfield has good transport links, with direct train services to Birmingham Snow Hill and London Marylebone (journey time: 25 minutes) – so you’re between 2 major cities.

Cheapest Places To Buy In The UK

If you want somewhere a little lighter on the wallet, you’re going to have to look North. In particular Middlesborough is a good place to start.

On the south bank of the River Tees in North Yorkshire the TS2 postcode in Middlesbrough is currently the most affordable place to live in England and Wales. And for under £50, 000 it’s not a bad find. Let’s face it, you can’t even buy a round for that in London.

It seems a good tip is to look outside of cities. For example, Liverpool. The Metropolitan Borough of Wirral still remains one of the most affordable places in the UK. Convenient to get to the home of The Beatles and at a snip of the prices of most other places.

With all that saved cash you can go for a ferry across the Mersey.

You want a tip – the best places to buy are the ones that are ‘up and coming’. Investing in property is never a safe thing, but the more buzz you can find around a place, the more money you could expect to make.

If you are wanting somewhere that could be good for the future then look at Copeland. There is currently a £1 million regeneration of the area. Plus, you can get your own space. Cumbria is one of the most sparsely populated counties in the United Kingdom.