Want to learn Chinese? Practice every day and learn about ‘losing face’, says London uni expert

Mandarin Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken language – so what’s stopping people in the UK from learning it?

We might think it’s too hard to learn a language which uses tones and doesn’t have an alphabet – but don’t despair! To help you out, we spoke to Dr Catherine Xiang, a researcher and expert on how English-language natives can learn Chinese.

Catherine told us how language learners can make use of technology to help them master the lingo – and how they can improve their language skills by better understanding Chinese culture, including the Chinese concept of ‘face’ and differences in how British and Chinese people say sorry.

Catch the full interview:

Catherine Jessup

A languages nerd with a food obsession and lifelong music bug, Catherine can be found sifting through the archives for Chinese indie tunes and toting around culinary experiments in a fancy lunchbox. Presenter and Reporter for Panda Radio and gbtimes.com. Find Catherine on Twitter @cjessup_gbtimes

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