This Weeks Weird News

This weeks weird news is bought to you by the word ‘pizza’.

Yep, that’s the theme this week. We found a lotta pizza stories cropping up so we thought we’d grab a slice of the action. We doughn’t believe how weird some of these stories are but they’ve grabbed a pizza our hearts.

Iceland Are Giving All NHS Workers Free Ice Cream And Pizza With Their Shopping

If you’re an emergency service worker or employed by the NHS you can have a freebie courtesy of Iceland.

Alongside your usual shopping receipt you’ll get two bonus ones, with each one giving you a free Iceland pizza, and a free Iceland ice-cream, each worth £1 each, as long as you’ve swiped your NHS bonus card. The offer is available at every store, it’s not valid online.

Not bad, eh? But don’t fret if you don’t work for the NHS, Iceland also offer student discount if you’re shopping online, which works via UNiDAYS.

Domino’s Regrets Telling Customers They’ll Get 100 Years Of Pizza If They Tattoo Themselves

We all love a gimmick. Who doesn’t!?

In Russia, Domino’s offered 100 free pizzas a year for 100 years to customers that got tattoos of the brand’s logo on visible parts of their body.

Social media was flooded with images of the company’s logo tattooed on fans’ legs, arms, and elsewhere. And with many Russians desperate for their chance to have 10,000 free pizzas, the quota filled up at a rapid speed.

In the end, Domino’s had to curtail the number of accepted winners to 350 after too many people got tattoos. The promotion was supposed to last two months but the company had to end it in just five days after too many people took it up on the offer.

Domino’s is by no means the first restaurant to offer up free food or perks for showing off brand loyalty. KFC said it would give parents $11,000 towards their child’s college tuition if they named their baby Harland, after the company’s founder…and people did it!

Man Stole Dead Neighbour’s Bank Card & Used It To Spend £6,000 On Pizzas

OK, this one is awkward.

Robert Sharkey broke into neighbour Marie Conlon’s flat and stole her bank card as her body lay in her bedroom.

The remains of the 68-year old were discovered in the bedroom of her flat in West Belfast last October — more than two years after her death.

He then stole her bank card and used it to pay for his phone bill, groceries and almost £6,000 worth of Domino’s orders over the next two years.

When the charge was put to him in court he replied “guilty” – weird news took a dark turn