5 questions we can’t answer about the royal family but desperately want to know

Do ghosts exist? Is there really a monster in Loch Ness? What is going on at the Skinwalker Ranch?

And when it comes to the British royal family, there are plenty of questions that are just begging to be answered.

We came up with a list of five questions that we desperately want to be answered:

  1. Does the royal family have a WhatsApp group?

This is perhaps the most important question of them all. Do they all send passive-aggressive messages about who left the bathroom in a mess or discuss the latest family gossip? It’s important that this is answered.

2. Does the royal family have a separate WhatsApp group where they complain about each other?

Following on from the question of if the WhatsApp group exists comes the obvious follow-up question of, do they have a WhatsApp group for having a good old complain about each other. Every family or friendship group has one, where everything is the same only minus somebody else.

3. How does the Queen take her tea?

It is the quintessential test of Britishness, how do you take your tea? Milk and two sugars? A dash of milk and no sugar? The milkiness of a tea can break up relationships and families. There is only one way to have your tea and it is never up for debate.

4. What is the Queen’s favourite biscuit?

This is another question that goes hand in hand with another when you’re having a cup of tea you need the perfect biscuit. Does the Queen enjoy a McVities Digestive? A Rich Tea? Shortbread? Malted Milk? A Party Ring? Hob Nobs? It will plague us forever until we know the answer.

5. Are they secretly shapeshifting lizard aliens?

This one may be slightly far-fetched but it has captured the hearts and minds of many internet citizens. After David Icke made the bold claims that the royal family are in fact reptiles, it became one of the biggest conspiracies associated with the royal family.