A Chinese crocodile farmer, Tower of London Ravenmaster, and other weird jobs

A Chinese man has gone viral for his peculiar job of running a crocodile farm, which got us thinking about the other bizarre jobs you can have.

The 28-year-old man from Shandong Province has been running the crocodile farm for five years. His largest crocodile reaches over six meters in length, and any moment where Zhang Fuhua isn’t paying attention could be life or death.

“It was also a terrifying job for me, and it would be a lie if I told you that I wasn’t afraid,” Zhang told China Plus.

“As time went by, I gradually learned the crocodiles’ habits and overcame my fear.”

He’s taken to live-streaming his daily routine and has quickly gained over 400,000 followers who are eager to watch him with the crocodiles.

Looking after crocodiles is one thing, but being tasked with looking after ravens in the Tower of London is another thing.

The Ravenmaster is a bizarre relic of days gone by in London and is based on an old belief that should the ravens ever leave the Tower, the United Kingdom will fall. The seven ravens that live in the Tower of London have to be rounded up, fed, watered, and if they’re good they’ll be given a treat of dog biscuits soaked in blood.

“There’s no one around, just me and the shadows of a thousand years of history,” said one Ravenmaster.  Although they do get to interact with other people, by giving tours of the historic site.

On the topic of weird British jobs grounded in history, Royal Swan Upping is a real job. Over five days, The Royal Swan Uppers don the uniform of the Queen and travel along the Thames checking the health of the swans.

It has been carried out since the 12th century to count the swans owned by the Queen and those owned by independent companies.

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