A Happy Christmas?

Christmas SHOULD be a time for getting together, having fun and enjoying the festivities. But, for over half of the nation, it is also a time for a good old row!

The culmination of stressful weeks of present buying, making sure everything gets to everyone and organising for the big day, arguments are almost now a festive guarantee.

The stresses of cooking, making sure everyone’s entertained and, maybe, some alcohol thrown into the mix as well, it’s practically a melting pot of irritability just waiting to explode. So much so that 3 million Brits believe there’s ‘no such thing as a perfect Christmas’, according to new research from One4all Gift Cards.

We’ve all been there and seen it, whether it’s squabbling over board games, questionable presents we’ve given or received or the furor of debate that can come with turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas isn’t as merry as we often would like it to be.

On top of this, almost 20% of people say that someone in the family is often late at Christmas – meaning everyone else has to wait for them…

But, it’s not all bad news… Gorging on sweets wearing ‘dodgy’ or embarrassing Christmas jumpers or even getting out to a local pub for some cheeky Christmas drinks (11%) are just some of the things Brits think can help stop rising tensions around Christmas time and help provide that perfect Christmas.

Dr Andy Cope – a Doctor of Happiness – joins Gerry & Dave along with Aoife Davey of One4all Gift Cards, who undertook the research, to talk about making the perfect Christmas