A London bound pilot failed a breathalyser test, a Chinese pilot was caught vaping, and other incidents

A London bound pilot has been suspended after failing a breathalyser test.

The Air India pilot, who was responsible for safety and training operations, failed two breathalyser tests before he was scheduled to fly to London.

Arvind Kathpalia said he planned to contest the results of the breathalyser tests, stating “It was 1.30 in the afternoon, only a bloody stark-raving alcoholic is bloody drunk at 1.30 in the afternoon.”

Mr Kathpalia will have his licence revoked for three years because of the incident.

However, this isn’t his first offence as he was in fact suspended for three months last year after allegedly refusing to take the breathalyser test.

He claims he is the victim of internal feuding within Air India which he has been with since June 2017.

Incidents with pilots being distracted by alcohol or other things are common.

Back in June, a British Airways pilot was jailed for being three times over the legal alcohol limit whilst flying.

He had been drinking double vodkas in his hotel before hopping on a long-haul flight to Mauritius. A technician who was working on the flight noticed a strong smell of alcohol on Julian Monaghan before takeoff and called the police.

Sentencing him at Lewes crown court, the judge Janet Waddicor said: “You took a risk and it didn’t pay off because you were caught. You are in charge of a huge aircraft. The safety, if not the lives, indeed, of passengers and crew members are in the hands of the pilot. They are entitled to feel that they are safe.”

The co-pilot of an Air China flight caused the plane to plunge over 6000 meters after vaping whilst flying.

In a desperate attempt to hide the fact he was vaping, he tried to turn off the fan but instead turned off the air-conditioning. This caused cabin crew to perform emergency procedures such as dropping oxygen masks until they could figure out what happened.

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