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We can help you shout out about your brand, product or services across London, South East as well as internationally through our sister stations in Europe and China. Panda Radio offers a range of national and international packages for advertising, sponsorship and competition opportunities via broadcast, our website and social media.

You can call us on 0207 501 1525 or email us

Starting this month and similar to the way seats are priced by low cost airlines, Panda Radio will be allocating its airtime in the same way with 10% of its airtime priced at 99p per 30 second spot. Other seats, sorry airtime, will be available at the following prices from £1.29 up to £6.99. Each price band will have a fixed number of slots. So, once they are gone, they’re gone!

Panda Radio listeners and users have a keen interest in international news and travel. They’re Londoners, business people visiting from abroad and tourists.

Average Income


Male / Female

55% / 45%

Average age


Some of our advertisers

This is a selection of some of the national and international brands, that Panda Radio has worked with.

Some Case Studies