Gerry & Dave Chat To Anna Richardson

Anna began her telly career on The Big Breakfast. Now, if you’re too young to remember The Big Breakfast firstly, GET OUT, and secondly it was a show on Channel 4 with Chris Evans, Gaby Roslin, Zoe Ball, Johnny Vaughan, Keith Chegwin and most importantly Zig & Zag.

But since then it’s been onwards and upwards for Anna. She’s gone on to work alongside some of the best-known names in TV on Love Bites on ITV. Basically it was all about sex and relationships for teens and it bagged awards in the UK and America.

This provided a much needed niche for the British public and soon she was presenting Channel 4’s The Sex Education ShowHowever, if you don’t know her from any of these, then you should know her from Naked Attraction. 

Each week, Naked Attraction sees two contestants meet six potential dates, who are all completely naked. Once the contestant makes their choice, it’s their turn to strip off to make sure all parties are happy. This is telly you might not want to watch with your Mum and Dad…or you might want to, it’s up to you.

She is also a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH). She is the author of two bestselling diet books – Anna Richardson’s Body Blitz and Mind Over Fatter...which is an incredible title it has to be said. But it is mental health that we ended up chatting about.
October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Basically that means education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. It’s celebrated in more than 150 countries (can you say ‘celebrated’? ‘Observed’ sounds too formal…but you know what we mean).
As everyone knows mental health affects every aspect of life. We all have health, so we all have mental health. So, it’s not new-agey to think about mental health in the workplace. Especially when work is such a huge part of people’s lives.
But a new poll commissioned by the Open University, has found that flexibility in the workplace and education establishments could be the main barrier to assisting those with mental issues. The results found that almost a quarter said their main worries when looking to commit to a fixed-term job role or higher education course was the stress of having set hours and schedules.
So, how do you juggle day-to-day stresses? How can we be more Zen?! We could think of no better person to ask.