Artists from China, UK, and beyond connect for Art Teleported in New York

Korean, Chinese and British artists are among the few who will be taking part in an experimental art show in America.

Art Teleported, The Art Show and Conference for Nomadic Artists, was organized by CICA Museum in Korea and will be held in Brooklyn, New York at the beginning of 2019.

The aim of Project Art Teleported is to create a global network among artists, designers, audiences, and communities to promote a culture of fluidity and flexibility.

The museum believes that this project can make, share, appreciate art in many regions and cultures by understanding and appreciation of each other.

Art Teleported will feature 26 artists from across the world: UK, China, Korea, America, Venezuela, and beyond.

Rhys Himsworth, a British artist, will be displaying a new exhibition called Error //:404. His work deals with issues surrounding technology by blending together different types of media. It mixes the natural and analogue with the virtual to create stunning pieces.

Leejin Kim, art director, added that: “many artists, including me, have multicultural experiences and also have experienced new media culture. We often feel that we don’t fall into a specific identity.

“We are living in rapidly changing new media culture, and sometimes we can relate ourselves more to someone who is from halfway around the world than someone next door. It would be wonderful if we meet and do something exciting anywhere.”

China is represented by the contemporary artist Fu Wenjun who has developed a fine art style of photography. His work tries to reflect on the relationship between globalisation and modernisation and how it interacts with Chinese traditional culture.

Fu’s art is the embodiment of everything this project is trying to achieve.

His pieces are held in place such as the United Nations Headquarters, the National Art Museum of China, and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

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