British Pale Ale to be exported to China

New deal signed between Suffolk brewer and Chinese importer

As we have reported previously, China has an increasing demand for premium brand drinks and consumers are continuously looking for new imports to try out. There have been many successful breweries exporting beer to China, including Welsh and Scottish brews.
Now a Suffolk-based brewery is setting its sights on the World’s second largest economy. St Peter’s Brewery has signed a deal with a Chinese importer to supply them with five types of beer, Ruby Red, Cream Stout, India Pale Ale, Old Style Porter and Golden Ale.
“We don’t know what the next few years hold when it comes to export, but what we do know, is that deals outside of Europe are going to enable us to continue to export in the large volumes that we do currently,” explains Ryan Crisp, Export Sales Manager at St Peter’s Brewery.
“Our export sales account for over 40% of our overall business so we can’t afford to rest on our laurels and just wait and see what happens after Brexit. We’re being proactive and fostering new relationships with importers across the globe.”
CEO Steve Magna told the East Anglian Daily Times that they are anticipating sending one container a week, with between 12,000 and 24,000 bottles inside. This will mean  a 25% hike in production for the brewery.
St Peter’s joined up with the China Britain Business Council in order to find new opportunities in China.
“British produce is highly regarded in China so we expect our range of delicious, hand-crafted beers to be incredibly popular”, said Mr Crisp.