British love of gin spreads to China

The value of gin sales in the UK has doubled over the last five years which is a result of 1.5 million more British adults drinking the spirit.

Miles Beale, chief executive of the WSTA, said: “Gin has proved itself to be just the tonic for the government’s ambitions to grow exports of premium British products.

“On top of that the gin boom in the UK has allowed our talented and innovative British distillers to invest and grow their businesses creating new jobs and boosting the British economy.

“If gin continues to grow at this rate there’s no reason why the industry can’t set its sights higher, we could be talking about a £3 billion gin empire by the end of 2020.”

A recent poll conducted in the UK found that 19.5 percent of people in Newcastle prefer to drink spirits and mixer, with gin and vodka coming in joint first place as most popular spirit of choice.

Britain isn’t the only country that loves gin.

“China is the single largest beverage-alcohol market in the world,” said Sam Fischer, president of Diageo Greater China and Asia.

The spirit market in China is set to reach $450 billion by 2021 which is why British gin makers saw a gap to introduce gin bars to the country.

In July this year, Scottish gin makers, Pickering, opened up a gin and seafood bar in  the Chaoyang District of Beijing. It was a collaborative project between Pickering and Pandabrew, a Chinese craft beer company.

Kurt Xia, director of PandaBrew said: “Gin is a very new category for China’s mainland but is generating much excitement, particularly from the younger generation.

“There’s a desire in China for lighter, fresher drinks and gin’s versatility really taps into this.”

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