Building or waterfall or both?

Featured Image & Video:  Guizhou Ludiya Property Management

Building or waterfall or both?


China has created the world’s biggest manmade waterfall by pumping water down the side of a skyscraper hotel.

Shocked members of the public in the Chinese city of Guiyang called local newspapers to report a landmark building had “sprung a leak”.

Upon further investigation it was found that the new Liebian Mansion features a 350-foot waterfall, which cascades down the side of the building.

Because of the cost, $118 per minute, the waterfall is to only be used with recycled water and on special occasions — and even then, for just 10-20 minutes at a time.

A spokesperson for Guizhou Ludiya Property Management said, “The water we use is recycled underground tap water, some rainwater or other channels of water.”

“We have four underground water storage and drainage systems. The water is pumped from the negative four-tier reservoir, and then recycled.”

One user on Wechat wrote, “It’s quite creative. It’s quite a scene.”

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