Chinese and UK travellers lose all manners once onboard a flight

Manners seem to fly out of the window when people set foot on aeroplanes – you’re on your holiday and it’s time to relax, so who cares about decency?
On a domestic flight in China, two women were caught with their feet on the food trays and not a care in the world. One of the women was wearing socks whilst the other was not.
When a flight attendant asked the women to take their feet off the tables, they refused to do so and even went so far as to argue with them.
The pair were shamed on the Chinese social media website Weibo by a user who wrote: “After the people in front of the two aunties complained, they had the audacity to put their feet on their armrests.”
However, they certainly aren’t the only people to be caught out whilst travelling.
Back in July, a flight from Birmingham to Ibiza was diverted because a stag party got so drunk and aggressive.
It’s generally expected that on a flight to Ibiza, alcohol is going to be involved but drinking enough to wind up having a flight diverted is a whole new level.
A spokesperson for Jet2 told Birmingham Live: “After repeat warnings, the crew took the decision to divert the aircraft in the interests of everyone’s comfort and safety.
“This pattern of extremely aggressive and disruptive behaviour took place in the vicinity of families who were travelling with young children, and a number of customers have praised our highly-trained crew for their handling of the situation.”
Disgusting behaviour is so prolific on airplanes that a former flight attendant created an Instagram page dedicated to shaming people.
On the Passenger Shaming Instagram page, you will find people drying their laundry in the bathrooms, people cutting their toenails, and people shaving their legs.
Perhaps, one day, people will stop doing gross things in confined public spaces. But then again, they probably won’t.
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