Chinese designers are being recognised at the first London Fashion Week of 2019

The provisional schedule for February’s London Fashion Week has been released with Chinese designers taking the lead.

The London branch of the global fashion week series takes place twice a year, catching the two major turns in season. The first fashion week of the 2019 fashion cycle will take place between the 15th February and 19th February with plenty of high profile designers showcasing their works.

Christopher Kane, Aspinal of London, Jenny Packham, Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood will all be showing off their designers across the four-day event.

However, fashion week isn’t all about the big designers. It’s a great chance for the up-and-coming designers to get the attention they deserve.

Chinese fashion designers have often been celebrated as the ones to watch, and people often wonder why they haven’t completely taken over the fashion industry yet.

Xander Zhou, a fashion designer, told High Snobiety: “China has become more closely integrated into the global community over the past decades, which means that there is now a more enabling environment than ever for the fashion scene.”

The provision schedule released for the upcoming London Fashion Week does point toward an increasing appreciation of Asian, particularly Chinese designers.

London-based luxury fashion brand Xu Zhi is just one example of a shift towards less-traditional designers. Xu Zhi creates pieces that can be appreciated by those with an eye for Western fashion and those who prefer Eastern designs.

Julie Gilhart, a fashion consultant says this of Xu Zhi: he is “a classic example of Chinese craftsmanship heritage with Western influences.”

Another Chinese-born London-based designer attending London Fashion Week is Huishan Zhang whose brand is inspired by eastern heritage and western influence. Feminine details and strong lines are the directions in which Zhang’s designs go.

He says this of his own work: “Thinking as a young generation, especially as a young generation of a designer, I want to have the opportunity to show the craftsmanship and the quality from China.”

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