Chinese, English and American artists team up to promote peace

Artists from China, America, England, Spain, and beyond team up to promote peace on Peace Paper’s signature wrapping paper.

Peace Paper’s plight for peace has gone international with the reveal of the latest edition of its signature wrapping paper that features donated artwork from more than a dozen well-known artists from across the globe.

“We started Peace Paper as an all-inclusive art collaboration that is dedicated to spreading positivity in our world at a time when it is greatly needed, and we are so excited that artists of this impressive calibre feel moved to join our cause,” said Periscope’s chief creative officer Peter Nicholson.

“It was an amazing process transforming art from numerous unique painters and illustrators into a blended tapestry that embodies so many different styles all committed to one single message of peace.”

The artists were invited to share their own interpretations of peace, and their original work will only be seen in Peace Paper.

Peace Paper brings together people from all over the world to spread peace through collaborative creativity – the hope is that people will feel inspired to make their world kinder and more peaceful.

Some of the artists who are featured in the Peace Paper are Jaye Kang from China, Claudia Pearson from England, Jason Naylor from New York, and Cachete Jack from Spain.

Jason Naylor said: “I’ve always been a big proponent of individuality, and the best way to represent this is with colour.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, be the kindest, most colourful version of you. You’d be surprised at how far you can get in life, just by being kind.”

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