Chinese markets offer hope for British beer manufacturers as Brexit looms overhead.

Annual consumption of beer in China is double that of the United States, and more than five times more than Germany.

During a state visit to the UK in 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping has indulged in a pint, with then Prime Minister David Cameron who treated the Chinese president to the traditional British past time of enjoying a pint of beer in a local pub.

In 2016, UK beer exports to China rose by 500 percent making it the third highest food and drink export in the UK.

It has become the choice country to export beer to.

“China is one of the fastest growing beer markets in the world, and we’re incredibly excited to introduce our range of craft beers at a time when there is  significantly increasing demand in the category,” said Bob Hogg, International Business Development Manager for Innis & Gunn.

At the end of August another British beer manufacturer, Sonnet 43 Brew House, expanded its market to Shanghai because of the thirst for British products.

Alan Brown, Brewery Manager, said: “There is a thirst for quality British beers in China and a big market for English products over there so we’re hopeful the beers will get a good reception and flourish.

“The outlook seems positive as we have already had enquiries for sending more beer over.”

British Craft Beers Ltd was set up with the sole purpose of promoting and selling craft beers from the East Midlands to China.

Their plan to break into the mainstream market is by breaking down the country into  distinct geographical markets that target all of the cultures in China as opposed to just “taking beers to China.”

Currently, around two thirds of British beer exports goes to countries in the European Union which may cause difficulties post-Brexit should Britain leave without any secured trade deals.


Written by: EJ Ward, News Editor

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