Chinese-style Christmas dinners and Marmite Brussel Sprouts: Alternative Christmas Dinners

Traditional turkey dinners are a thing of the past as people seek to change up the usual boring offerings.
Lee Kum Kee—maker of Chinese-style sauces and condiments—has come up with five Asian inspired recipes perfect for Christmastime.
They’re intended to less stressful and time-consuming than the hours-long ordeal of the traditional Christmas dinner. You’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the holidays with loved ones.
“Asian flavours can add a great twist to your favourite holiday recipes,” said Simon Wu, Lee Kum Kee President of America.
“Taking a fresh approach to the menu can make your get-togethers more special. Add some Panda Flavored Oyster Sauce to a cauliflower casserole and surprise your guest with an unexpected umami flavour.”
Incorporating Asian-inspired sauces, such as hoisin, can provide a flavorful spin on classic seasonal dishes and traditional menus. From main dishes to sides, as you prepare for the festivities, their dishes will hopefully impress your guests.
In alternative Christmas foods, Iceland has just announced it’s the latest take on a classic Christmas dinner.
It’s a combination of two of the most hated foods in Britain. Brussel sprouts and marmite.
Wayen Edwards, director and co-founder of The Food People, told iNews: “Whether you love it or hate it, this tasty side dish from Iceland has a unique flavour profile that is a combination of umami, salt and yeast.
“Combining Brussels sprouts and Marmite draws out the natural sweetness of the vegetable while suppressing some of the bitterness. Not only does this give the sprouts a real flavour boost, but the taste is similar to that achieved when pairing chocolate and salt together.
It’s dividing the nation with some saying it’s disgusting and others saying it’s fantastic.
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