Chinese youth art festival looks to build cultural ties with UK, USA, Russia, and beyond.

An international youth festival in China has brought together the global community to develop stronger educational ties.
Over 300 university student representatives, famous designers, and artists from 16 countries gathered in Chengdu for the 2018 International College Students’ Culture & Arts Festival.
On November 27, the 2018 International College Student’s Culture & Arts Festival Chengdu Theme Exhibition opened in the Daci Temple International Youth Community. It brought together artworks from both domestic and foreign college students and literary works focusing on Chengdu, presenting a visual feast of the collision between Chengdu elements and international multi-artistic styles.
The four-day Festival set up three major activities including Chengdu Theme Exhibition, Arts Festival Review & Theme Forum, and Award Ceremony of 2018 International College Student’s Culture & Arts Festival by Panda Club.
It was an opportunity for Chengdu to establish youth cultural exchanges with the UK, USA, Russia, Bangladesh, South Korea, and Tajikistan amongst others.
Guests made dialogues and exchanges on “Youth Cultural and Artistic Exchange and City Image Building in the New Era”, and looked ahead to the future of youth culture and art from different perspectives.
Britain already has strong ties with China on education due to the standard and reputation of the British education system.
British independent schools in China is a popular venture and 2018 has seen a rise in the number of schools being opened.  This year alone has seen the opening of Durham School in Tianjin, St Bee’s School in Shenzhen, Adcote School (and Myddelton College) in Shanghai, Nanwai King’s College School in Wuxi, Lucton School in Shanghai, and Wycombe Abbey International School in Hangzhou.
The festival was attended by notable people such as Wan Shanhe, famous oil painter; Zhang Jinyao, vice-dean of Institute of Art of Communication University of China; Mona Al Mansouri, royal costume designer of the United Arab Emirates; Dusan Rapos, film director, screenwriter, and composer; and Yin Jiulong, designer and visual artist.
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